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What the TSA is NOT Telling You about Full Body Scans...

Why a federal appeals court has been asked to suspend full body scans at airports. The constitutional reasons - plus the less-discussed health risks of the scans put into perspective by...

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Is Social Media Driving Americans Insane?

09 Mar 2017 | 30,022 Views

About half of U.S. adults say they can’t imagine life without their cellphones, but is the ability to stay connected 24/7 via social media really an advance? New research reveals that people who constantly check their social media feeds, email and text messages may be less mentally healthy because of it.

Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone?

02 Feb 2017 | 58,070 Views

Statistics on smartphone use are staggering and sobering. Adults check their phones every 6 minutes, on average, while young adults exchange 109.5 text messages a day. Not only are we looking at our screens much of the time, our children are, too, and we’re reluctant to curb their use. Have we become a nation of zombies? What’s going to save us from ourselves?

Are There Benefits to Blue-Blocking Glasses?

11 Aug 2016 | 134,546 Views

Glasses with amber-colored lenses that block blue light were first developed for the NASA space program. Increasing research suggests, however, that virtually everyone may benefit from blocking his or her exposure to blue light, particularly at night.

Using Social Media to Spread Awareness

03 Aug 2016 | 20,050 Views

In just over 25 years, the internet has become an integral part of communication, participation and engaging decision-making politicians and manufacturers. Your voice and opinions are important. Use this system to gain better understanding and share your views.

A Treasure Trove of Information Waiting to Be Unlocked — And Here’s the Key

31 Jul 2016 | 46,664 Views

What's the best way to sift through thousands of pages of health articles and content? The answer: our new and improved search engine. Let this nifty tool serve as the 'key' to unlock the answer to your top health questions - it's only a click away!

The 7 Best Apps to Get Your Yard Greener Than Ever This Spring

09 May 2015 | 58,745 Views

Ready to get planting? These apps for garden lovers help you every step of the way, from choosing plants to knowing when to water.

Could Wearable Computers Be as Harmful as Cigarettes?

01 Apr 2015 | 58,174 Views

Wearable technology is the latest rage, but do these trendy gadgets compromise your health?

Heads Up: Are You Developing “Text Neck”?

27 Dec 2014 | 132,839 Views

If you have neck or back pain, it could be due to poor posture combined with excess sitting.

Guys: Your Cellphone Is Hurting Your Sperm

22 Jul 2014 | 219,492 Views

Your front pocket is the worst place to store your cell phone if you're planning to father children in the future (and the risks hold true for women, too).

How Biochar Can Help Reverse Atmospheric Co2 Levels and Soil Depletion

12 Oct 2013 | 240,267 Views

Experts estimate that if just 10 percent of all cropland had this, we could reverse an entire year of greenhouse emissions. Plus, it fortifies your soil, increases food production by 12 percent, and holds more water, saving you time and protecting you from drought. Are you using it yet?


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